Virtual Venues Take the West Midlands by Storm, Thanks to Lincoln Tech Marvel

A technology firm based in Lincoln is making significant strides in the virtual representation of venues across the West Midlands, setting the stage for the region to draw new international clients and bolster its position as a prime destination for events. The company, Iventis, has been commissioned by the West Midlands Growth Company to create digital twins for 10 prominent venues, including the NEC, Utilita and Resorts World Arenas, Edgbaston Stadium, and various sports stadiums.

With financial backing from Mercia Ventures through equity finance procured from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, Iventis is poised to revolutionize the way event planning is conducted with its innovative software. This software has already been utilized in planning a plethora of events, spanning various types, including high-profile international sporting tournaments.

These virtual models are slated to be a highlight of the region’s exhibition stand at the upcoming SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit, set to take place in Birmingham on April 7. The digital twins will afford venues an unprecedented opportunity to present interactive 3D tours to delegates from global sports federations and governing bodies. This technological leap will allow for remote exploration of the venues’ various rooms and spaces.

Furthermore, these prospective clients will gain the capability to interactively test out different event layouts, seating configurations, and security protocols. They can even visualize how their own branding would integrate into these real-world venues, providing a more immersive planning experience.

Joel Lavery, Strategic Lead of Sporting Events at the West Midlands Growth Company, emphasized the vital role of sports in the region, highlighting its renowned sporting heritage and the breadth of dynamic sporting venues available. He pointed out the crucial nature of securing major sporting events and championships for the economic vitality of any city or region. Lavery noted the importance of leveraging Iventis’s cutting-edge technology at the SportAccord summit to present the region’s top-tier venues in a novel and engaging manner, from iconic locations like The Belfry to the Alexander Stadium, the centerpiece of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Joe Cusdin, CEO of Iventis, remarked on the Midlands’ reputation as home to some of the UK’s most prominent events venues, a fact underscored by the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. Cusdin underscored the dilemma faced by event organizers, particularly those from foreign shores, in evaluating venues without the ability to visit in person. He highlighted how their digital twin models mitigate this challenge by offering comprehensive, virtual views of the venues, thereby enhancing their appeal to international clients, simplifying sponsorship and advertising efforts, and improving event planning and safety through operational simulations and emergency scenario visualizations.

The array of venues set to be digitized includes a mix of sports, entertainment, and cultural sites, namely the NEC, Resorts World Arena, Edgbaston Stadium, Utilita Arena, Sandwell Aquatics Centre, Edgbaston Priory, CBS Arena, British Judo Centre, The Belfry, and the Alexander Stadium. This initiative promises to usher in a new era of venue exploration and event planning, leveraging technology to transcend geographical barriers and amplify the West Midlands’ global appeal as an events hub.


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