Lincoln Tech’s 2025 Relocation Sparks Redevelopment Buzz for East Side Campus

In a significant development for Nashville’s educational and vocational training landscape, Lincoln College of Technology has announced plans to relocate its campus from its current location in East Nashville to a new site in North Davidson County. The move, expected to be completed by early 2025, will see the institution return to its roots, operating under its former name, Nashville Auto Diesel College (NACD).

The new NACD campus will be situated in Building B of the Skyline Distribution Park, located at 2813 Brick Church Pike. Despite the announcement, details regarding the financial aspects of the move, including the cost and terms of the lease agreement with property owner Panattoni, have yet to be disclosed.

This relocation comes on the heels of Nashville’s Southern Land Company acquiring the approximately 15-acre property of Lincoln Tech at 1524 Gallatin Ave. earlier this year for a total of $35.66 million through two separate transactions. Southern Land Company has ambitious plans for the site, envisioning a development project that includes 800 multifamily homes, 150 single-family homes, and approximately 300,000 square feet of commercial space.

The forthcoming NACD site is poised to offer more than 120,000 square feet of space, enabling Lincoln Tech to broaden its skilled trades training programs significantly. The expansion includes new programs in electrical and HVAC, in addition to the continuation of its established programs in automotive, diesel, heavy equipment, collision repair, and welding. This expansion aligns with the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projection, which forecasts over 2.9 million new positions opening in these fields nationwide by 2032.

Furthermore, the future NADC campus plans to incorporate several partnership training programs, including an arrangement with Peterbilt. The campus will feature specialized facilities such as auto, diesel, and heavy equipment bays, on-site collision shops, and a series of individual welding booths. Unlike the current East Nashville campus, the new location will not offer on-campus housing. However, the college has committed to assisting students requiring accommodation.

Operations at the East Nashville campus will remain uninterrupted until the transition is complete. Scott Shaw, Lincoln Tech president and CEO, expressed gratitude towards the city of Nashville for its longstanding support, emphasizing the institution’s role in reinforcing the skilled workforce through generations of educational and vocational training offerings.

Additionally, Skyline Distribution Park’s integration into the community extends beyond educational facilities, with Building C housing the alcoholic beverage wholesaler and distributor Lipman Brothers, and Building A serving as the base for building materials supplier Lansing Building Products. The relocation of Lincoln College of Technology underlines the evolving educational landscape in Nashville, aiming at both enhancing the quality of vocational training and supporting the city’s growing demand for skilled labor across various industries.


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