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Are you curious about the Lincoln Tech commercial? You might have seen it on TV or online, but what is the purpose behind this marketing effort? In this article, we will explore the history of Lincoln Tech, the message they are trying to convey through their commercial, and how it has impacted the institution. We will also take a look at the production and future plans for their commercial marketing strategy.

Lincoln Tech is a renowned institution that has been providing career-focused education for over 70 years. With campuses across the United States, they offer programs in automotive technology, healthcare, skilled trades, and more. The institution has a long history of producing successful graduates who go on to have thriving careers in their chosen fields.

The Lincoln Tech commercial serves as a means to reach out to potential students and those looking to further their education. Through this marketing effort, Lincoln Tech aims to showcase the opportunities available to individuals who choose to attend their programs.

The target audience for the commercial includes high school graduates, career changers, and anyone looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge for better job prospects. By creating an engaging and informative commercial, Lincoln Tech hopes to capture the attention of these individuals and demonstrate why their institution stands out from the rest.

History of Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech has a rich history that dates back to 1946, when the institution was founded as the Lincoln Technical Institute in Newark, New Jersey. Originally established to provide returning World War II veterans with the skills and training they needed to reenter the workforce, Lincoln Tech has since grown into a national leader in career technical training.

The institution’s growth has been marked by expansion and evolution. Over the years, Lincoln Tech has continuously adapted its programs to meet the changing demands of the workforce, offering training in fields such as automotive technology, healthcare, culinary arts, information technology, and skilled trades. This commitment to staying current with industry trends has allowed Lincoln Tech to maintain its position as a top choice for individuals seeking career-focused education.

In addition to expanding its program offerings, Lincoln Tech has also grown geographically. The institution now boasts campuses across 15 states from Massachusetts to Colorado. This widespread presence allows Lincoln Tech to reach a diverse student population and offer accessible training opportunities throughout the United States.

Throughout its history, Lincoln Tech has remained dedicated to providing students with hands-on learning experiences and real-world skills that are highly sought after by employers. As a result, graduates of Lincoln Tech are well-prepared to enter their chosen industries and make meaningful contributions from day one. The institution’s commitment to excellence in career training has solidified its reputation as a respected leader in technical education.

  • The founding vision of providing returning veterans with practical skills
  • Adaptation of programs and offerings over time
  • Geographic expansion of campuses across multiple states
  • Commitment to hands-on learning and industry-relevant skills
  • Reputation as a top choice for career-focused education

The Purpose of the Commercial

Lincoln Tech, a well-known institution for technical education, decided to create a commercial with the purpose of reaching out to potential students and showcasing the opportunities available through their programs. The primary reason behind the development of this commercial was to highlight the various career paths and hands-on training that Lincoln Tech offers, aiming to attract individuals who are looking to pursue a career in technical fields.

The institution recognized the importance of utilizing modern marketing methods to connect with a wider audience. By creating a commercial, Lincoln Tech aimed to increase brand visibility and raise awareness about the diverse range of programs they offer. This form of advertising also enabled them to communicate their commitment to providing high-quality education and preparing students for success in their chosen fields.

Through the commercial, Lincoln Tech sought to emphasize the value of hands-on training and industry-specific skills that students can acquire through their programs. The institution’s goal was to convey a message that would resonate with individuals who are seeking practical education that can lead them to rewarding careers in industries such as automotive technology, HVAC, culinary arts, and healthcare.

Moreover, the decision to create a commercial was also influenced by the desire to stay competitive in the educational landscape. With many institutions vying for students’ attention, Lincoln Tech recognized the importance of leveraging visual media platforms such as television and online streaming services to capture market share and stand out from competitors.

In addition, by showcasing success stories of its alumni and current students in the commercial, Lincoln Tech aimed to inspire others who may be contemplating enrolling in similar programs. This approach allowed them not only to promote their institution but also demonstrate real-life examples of how their education can lead individuals toward fulfilling careers in various technical fields.

Lincoln Tech Commercial showcasing technical education programs

Lastly, another significant reason for creating this commercial was to connect with parents and guardians who play a crucial role in guiding their children’s educational choices. By presenting compelling visuals and testimonials from successful graduates, Lincoln Tech intended to instill confidence in potential students’ families that choosing their institution could pave the way for a bright future.

Purpose Reason
Increase brand visibility Connect with potential students
Showcase hands-on training Stay competitive in educational landscape
Inspire potential students Connect with parents/guardians

Target Audience

Lincoln Tech has carefully strategized their commercial to target a specific audience. The institution’s commercial is aimed at prospective students who are looking to further their education and gain valuable skills in the workforce. By targeting this demographic, Lincoln Tech hopes to attract individuals who are seeking practical training and hands-on experience in various technical fields.

Intended Audience

The Lincoln Tech commercial is primarily intended for high school graduates, individuals looking to change careers, or adults seeking to enhance their skill set in a specific trade. These potential students may have a passion for automotive technology, healthcare, cosmetology, culinary arts, information technology, or other vocational paths that align with the programs offered at Lincoln Tech.

The Why

The purpose of targeting this audience is rooted in the demand for skilled labor in today’s workforce. With industries in need of qualified professionals, Lincoln Tech aims to appeal to individuals who recognize the value of specialized training and seek opportunities for career advancement.

Attracting Interested Applicants

By showcasing the diverse range of careers and success stories of Lincoln Tech graduates in the commercial, the institution hopes to attract curious and motivated individuals who are ready to take a step towards a fulfilling professional future.

Imparting Awareness

Another reason why Lincoln Tech chose this particular audience is to spread awareness about non-traditional career paths that do not necessarily require a four-year degree. The commercial empowers individuals by highlighting alternative routes that lead to rewarding and stable professions within technical industries. Through this approach, Lincoln tech aims to debunk societal stigmas surrounding vocational education and inspire its targeted audience to pursue their passions and ambitions through practical training.

As we delve into the impact of the commercial on its intended viewership, it becomes evident that Lincoln Tech’s marketing strategy resonates deeply with those seeking focused education and industry-relevant skills.

The Message

Lincoln Tech aims to convey a powerful and impactful message through their commercial. The message they want to send is one of empowerment, opportunity, and the transformative power of education. The institution wants to communicate that by choosing Lincoln Tech, individuals are not just investing in an education, but in a promising future and a successful career.

The Focus on Career Training and Job Placement

One of the key messages that Lincoln Tech is trying to convey through their commercial is their focus on career training and job placement. They want potential students to understand that attending Lincoln Tech will not only provide them with valuable knowledge and skills but also with the necessary resources and support to transition into the workforce seamlessly.

The Importance of Hands-on Learning

Another crucial aspect that the commercial aims to emphasize is the significance of hands-on learning at Lincoln Tech. The institution wants to communicate that their programs offer practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge, preparing students for real-world scenarios in their respective fields.

Opportunities for Personal Growth

Lincoln Tech also wants to highlight the opportunities for personal growth and development that come with enrolling in their programs. Whether it’s gaining confidence, honing leadership abilities, or fostering a strong work ethic, the commercial seeks to convey that attending Lincoln Tech goes beyond acquiring technical skills.

Building a Better Future

Ultimately, what Lincoln Tech hopes to convey through their commercial is the idea of building a better future through education. They want viewers to understand that by choosing Lincoln Tech, they are making a proactive decision towards creating a successful and fulfilling career path for themselves.

In essence, the message conveyed through the Lincoln Tech commercial is one of transformation, growth, and empowerment – instilling confidence in prospective students about taking charge of their futures through education.

Production of the Commercial

The production of the Lincoln Tech commercial was a carefully planned and executed process that involved a team of skilled professionals in the film and advertising industry. From concept development to filming, every step was meticulously designed to ensure the commercial effectively communicated the message that Lincoln Tech wanted to convey.

Catchy Lincoln Tech Commercial promoting skilled trade training

The process began with brainstorming sessions to determine the key elements that needed to be included in the commercial. This involved identifying the unique selling points of Lincoln Tech and understanding what sets it apart from other institutions offering similar technical education programs. Once these elements were identified, the scriptwriting team worked on crafting a compelling narrative that would resonate with the target audience.

After finalizing the script, casting for the commercial took place. The team carefully selected actors who could authentically represent the diverse student body at Lincoln Tech. Emphasis was placed on portraying real students pursuing their passion for technical education, further enhancing the authenticity of the commercial.

Once the casting was complete, filming began at various locations that accurately represented life at Lincoln Tech. From state-of-the-art classrooms and labs to hands-on workshops, every aspect of student life was captured to provide an accurate portrayal of what students can expect when they enroll at Lincoln Tech.

In addition to capturing footage on-site, drone shots and aerial views were also incorporated to showcase expansive campuses and cutting-edge facilities. This allowed potential students watching the commercial to get a glimpse of what awaits them if they choose to pursue their technical education at Lincoln Tech.

Finally, post-production work involved editing and adding visual effects, as well as selecting appropriate music and voiceovers to create an emotionally resonant experience for viewers. The end result was a visually stunning and emotionally impactful commercial that effectively conveyed the essence of Lincoln Tech’s mission and educational offerings.

  • List of Key Points:
  • Concept development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Casting
  • Filming at various locations
  • Incorporation of drone shots
  • Post-production work

Success of the Commercial

When looking at the success of the Lincoln Tech commercial, it’s important to consider the impact it has had on the institution itself. The commercial has been a pivotal part of Lincoln Tech’s marketing strategy and has contributed to an increase in brand awareness and student enrollment.

One significant way that the commercial has impacted Lincoln Tech is by attracting more prospective students. By featuring real success stories of graduates who have gone on to have successful careers, the commercial has effectively showcased the value of a Lincoln Tech education. This has resonated with potential students and their families, leading to an uptick in inquiries and applications.

In addition, the commercial has also helped boost the overall perception of Lincoln Tech in the eyes of employers and industry professionals. By highlighting the expertise and hands-on training provided by the institution, the commercial has reinforced Lincoln Tech’s reputation as a leader in career-focused education. This has resulted in increased partnerships with companies seeking skilled workers, further enhancing opportunities for Lincoln Tech graduates.

Furthermore, since airing the commercial, Lincoln Tech has seen an increase in engagement on its digital platforms. The compelling narratives shared in the commercial have sparked conversations online, leading to higher levels of interaction with Lincoln Tech’s social media accounts and website. This increased online activity has translated into a broader reach for the institution and improved communication with its target audience.

The impact of the commercial can also be measured through metrics such as website traffic, lead generation, and ultimately student retention rates. By analyzing these data points, it becomes clear that the success of the commercial extends beyond mere viewership; it is directly linked to tangible outcomes for Lincoln Tech.

Ultimately, it can be said that the Lincoln Tech commercial has not only been successful in raising awareness and bringing in new students but also in solidifying the institution’s standing within its industry.

Impact Metrics Results
Student Enrollment Increase in inquiries and applications
Industry Partnerships Improved relations with employers seeking skilled workers
Digital Engagement Increase in social media activity and website traffic
Retention Rates Positive impact on student retention

Comparison With Competitors

When it comes to the competitive field of commercial advertising in the education industry, Lincoln Tech has managed to stand out from its competitors with its unique approach. While many educational institutions focus on highlighting their program offerings and campus amenities, Lincoln Tech took a different route with their commercial.

Unlike its competitors who often showcase their facilities and faculty members, Lincoln Tech’s commercial focuses on real success stories of its graduates. By featuring alumni who have achieved career success after completing their programs at Lincoln Tech, the commercial sets itself apart from the typical college advertisements.

The use of real-life success stories in their commercial not only sets Lincoln Tech apart from its competitors but also resonates well with the target audience. Prospective students are more likely to be inspired by individuals who have achieved tangible career success through the education provided at Lincoln Tech, rather than being impressed by flashy campus tours or academic statistics.

Innovative Lincoln Tech Commercial highlighting career opportunities

In addition, while many commercials in the education industry tend to follow a similar formula and tone, Lincoln Tech’s commercial stands out for its authenticity and emotional appeal. The genuine stories of accomplishment shared in the ad make an emotional connection with viewers, further setting it apart from competitors’ more traditional marketing strategies. This unique approach has helped Lincoln Tech carve out a distinct position in the market and attract attention from potential students.

Furthermore, unlike some competitors who solely rely on promoting a brand image or reputation, Lincoln Tech’s commercial directly addresses the needs and aspirations of its target audience. By showcasing real-world accomplishments of graduates, the commercial effectively communicates that attending Lincoln Tech can lead to tangible career advancement and success in various fields.

Overall, by taking a different approach to their commercial compared to others in the industry, Lincoln Tech has managed to set itself apart from competitors and establish a unique positioning that resonates with prospective students seeking practical education and real career opportunities.

Future Plans

Lincoln Tech has continuously focused on enhancing their commercial marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and solidify their position in the industry. As the demand for skilled workers continues to rise, Lincoln Tech is looking to expand its reach and impact through its commercial marketing efforts. The institution is planning on implementing several strategic initiatives to further strengthen their brand and attract more prospective students.

One of the key future plans for Lincoln Tech’s commercial marketing strategy is to utilize digital platforms more effectively. With the increasing use of technology, Lincoln Tech aims to leverage social media, online advertising, and other digital channels to connect with potential students. By engaging with the target audience through these platforms, Lincoln Tech intends to increase awareness about their programs and career opportunities in various industries.

Additionally, Lincoln Tech plans to develop more personalized and targeted commercial content. By understanding the specific needs and interests of different segments within their target audience, Lincoln Tech aims to create commercials that resonate with individuals on a deeper level. This approach will help Lincoln Tech establish a more emotional connection with potential students and showcase how their programs can lead to successful careers.

In line with their future plans, Lincoln Tech also intends to collaborate with industry partners for their commercials. Building partnerships with leading companies in sectors such as automotive technology, healthcare, information technology, and skilled trades will not only add credibility but also provide real-world examples of career opportunities available after completing programs at Lincoln Tech.

Furthermore, Lincoln Tech is considering expanding its geographical reach through localized commercials. By tailoring commercials to specific regions and cities, they can address unique market needs while creating a stronger presence in those areas. This approach will also allow them to highlight success stories of alumni who have found fulfilling careers after graduating from local campuses.

As part of their comprehensive future plans for commercial marketing strategy, Lincoln Tech aims to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their commercials through data analytics. By measuring key performance indicators such as online engagement, lead generation, and enrollment rates resulting from commercial campaigns, they can refine their approach and ensure optimal results.

Moving forward, these strategic initiatives are set to cement Lincoln Tech’s position as a leading provider of career-focused education while driving sustained growth through impactful commercial marketing efforts.


In conclusion, the Lincoln Tech commercial has played a significant role in showcasing the institution’s mission and offerings to potential students. Through this advertising effort, Lincoln Tech has been able to reach a wider audience and effectively communicate what sets them apart from other technical schools in the industry.

The impact of the commercial can be seen in the increased interest and enrollment in Lincoln Tech programs. By highlighting their history, purpose, and message, the commercial has successfully captured the attention of individuals who are looking to pursue a career in technical fields such as automotive technology, healthcare, information technology, and skilled trades.

One of the key reasons behind the success of the commercial is its targeted approach. By understanding their specific audience and crafting a message that resonates with them, Lincoln Tech has been able to stand out from their competitors. The commercial has effectively conveyed the opportunities and benefits that come with choosing Lincoln Tech for education and training.

Looking ahead, Lincoln Tech has plans to continue leveraging their successful commercial marketing strategy to further expand their reach and impact. They are committed to staying ahead of industry trends and finding innovative ways to connect with prospective students who are passionate about pursuing a career in technical fields.

In summary, the Lincoln Tech commercial has had a significant impact on promoting the institution’s offerings and reaching a wider audience. By effectively communicating their history, purpose, and message through this advertising effort, Lincoln Tech has successfully distinguished itself from competitors in the industry. This commercial serves as a testament to Lincoln Tech’s commitment to providing quality education and training for those seeking rewarding careers in technical fields.

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