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Are you considering a career in the technical or vocational fields? If so, Lincoln Tech in Brockton, MA may be the perfect place for you to further your education and start on the path toward a successful career.

With state-of-the-art facilities, a wide range of academic programs, and a strong network of industry partnerships, Lincoln Tech offers students an exceptional education and valuable resources for their future. In this introduction, we will explore the history of Lincoln Tech, the campus facilities, academic programs, alumni success stories, industry partnerships, career services, student life, campus tours and the application process at Lincoln Tech in Brockton.

The journey of Lincoln Tech began with its founding and subsequent growth before establishing a presence in Brockton. This institution has a rich history dating back several decades. We will delve into this historical perspective to better understand how Lincoln Tech became the reputable institution it is today.

One of the standout features of Lincoln Tech in Brockton is its cutting-edge facilities designed to provide students with hands-on training and real-world experience. From classrooms equipped with modern technology to specialized labs tailored for each program offered at the campus, students have access to top-notch resources that enhance their learning experience.

The breadth of vocational and technical programs available at Lincoln Tech is also worth exploring. Whether you are interested in automotive technology, healthcare or skilled trades such as HVAC or welding, there are various options to cater to each student’s unique career aspirations. These programs are designed to prepare students for success in their chosen fields through comprehensive training and industry-specific skills development.

In addition to offering exceptional programs and facilities, Lincoln Tech takes pride in its accomplished alumni who have gone on to achieve great success in their respective industries. By highlighting these success stories, we aim to showcase how a Lincoln Tech education can pave the way for fulfilling careers. Additionally, we will explore how collaborations with industry leaders bring added value to students’ educational experiences by providing them with insight into current industry trends and potential job opportunities.

History of Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1946. Originally known as Lincoln Technical Institute, the institution was established to provide returning World War II veterans with practical skills and training for careers in the automotive industry. Over the years, Lincoln Tech expanded its offerings to include a wide range of vocational and technical programs, evolving into a leading provider of career-focused education.

The journey of Lincoln Tech to Brockton, MA began with a vision to bring its renowned programs and expertise to the residents of the region. In 1994, Lincoln Tech acquired the former Shaw’s Supermarket space on Manley Street in Brockton, where it established a state-of-the-art campus to serve students from the Greater Boston area and beyond.

This strategic move allowed Lincoln Tech to further expand its reach and impact by providing high-quality education in a growing and diverse community.

Commitment to Excellence

Throughout its history, Lincoln Tech has been committed to excellence in education and training. The institution has continuously adapted its programs and facilities to meet the evolving needs of industries and employers. This commitment is evident in the success stories of its graduates who have gone on to achieve rewarding careers across various sectors.

Innovations and Expansion

As part of its journey, Lincoln Tech has continually innovated and expanded its program offerings to align with emerging technologies and market demands. The institution’s ability to adapt and evolve has allowed it to remain at the forefront of vocational and technical education, preparing students for success in ever-changing professional landscapes.

Community Impact

In addition to offering exceptional educational opportunities, Lincoln Tech has also played an active role in contributing to the communities it serves. The institution’s presence in Brockton has provided local residents with access to high-quality career training, furthering economic growth and workforce development in the region.

Today, Lincoln Tech Brockton continues this legacy by upholding its commitment to delivering top-notch education that empowers students for success in their chosen fields. With a strong foundation built on decades of experience and expertise, Lincoln Tech remains dedicated to shaping future generations of skilled professionals.

Campus Facilities

At Lincoln Tech Brockton, MA, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities that are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences in a real-world setting. The campus is equipped with modern classrooms, labs, and workshops where students can gain practical skills and knowledge in their chosen fields. The facilities at Lincoln Tech Brockton are specifically tailored to meet the demands of today’s industries, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their future careers.

The campus features cutting-edge technology and equipment that mirror industry standards, allowing students to learn and practice using tools and resources that they will encounter in the field. From automotive and HVAC/R workshops to medical labs and computer labs, Lincoln Tech Brockton offers a comprehensive learning environment for students pursuing vocational and technical education.

In addition to technical facilities, Lincoln Tech Brockton also provides support services such as a library, study areas, and career development resources to enhance the overall learning experience for students. The campus is designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and innovation, fostering a dynamic atmosphere where students can thrive academically and personally.

One standout feature of the campus is its simulated work environments that closely resemble actual industry settings. For example, automotive technology students have access to fully-equipped service bays where they can work on vehicles using professional-grade tools. Similarly, HVAC/R students can practice troubleshooting and repair techniques in lab settings that mimic real-world HVAC systems.

The commitment to providing top-notch facilities at Lincoln Tech Brockton extends beyond classrooms and labs. The campus also offers amenities such as student lounges, dining areas, and recreational spaces where students can relax and socialize between their studies. This holistic approach to facility design creates a conducive environment for learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Lincoln Tech Brockton MA student classrooms

Furthermore, the staff at Lincoln Tech Brockton are dedicated to maintaining the facilities at the highest standards while continuously updating them with the latest technologies. This ensures that students receive an education that is relevant and aligned with current industry practices. As a result of these exceptional facilities, Lincoln Tech Brockton sets its graduates up for success in their respective fields by providing them with the necessary skills and experience demanded by employers.

Facility Description
Modern Classrooms Equipped with advanced technology for effective teaching and learning
Labs & Workshops Industry-standard facilities for hands-on training in various vocational programs
Library & Study Areas Resources for research and academic support
Career Development Center Services for career guidance, job placement assistance, resume building workshops

By having these state-of-the-art facilities available on campus,Lincoln tech brock ma not only provides a high-quality educational experience but also empowers its students with practical skills essential for succeeding in their chosen careers.

Academic Programs

Lincoln Tech in Brockton, MA offers a wide range of vocational and technical programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in various industries. With a focus on hands-on training and practical skills development, the academic programs at Lincoln Tech aim to equip students with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in their chosen fields.

Vocational Programs

One of the key highlights of Lincoln Tech Brockton is its diverse array of vocational programs. From automotive technology and HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) to electrical and electronics systems technology, students have the opportunity to specialize in a field that aligns with their interests and career goals. The vocational programs are designed to provide comprehensive training that covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills application.

Technical Programs

In addition to vocational programs, Lincoln Tech Brockton also offers technical programs across various disciplines. Students can choose from areas such as computerized manufacturing, medical assisting, dental assisting, pharmacy technician, and practical nursing. These technical programs are tailored to provide students with the specialized skills and expertise required in today’s competitive job market.

Specialized Training Facilities

The academic programs at Lincoln Tech Brockton are supported by state-of-the-art training facilities that simulate real-world work environments. Students have access to industry-standard equipment and tools, allowing them to gain hands-on experience that is essential for success in their chosen fields. Whether it’s working on automotive engines in the campus garage or practicing patient care in a simulated healthcare setting, students benefit from immersive training experiences.

Certifications and Licensure Preparation

Many of the academic programs at Lincoln Tech Brockton include preparation for industry certifications or licensure exams. This means that upon completion of their program, students are well-prepared to pursue professional certifications that can enhance their credentials and increase their employment opportunities. The school’s emphasis on certification preparation reflects its commitment to providing a comprehensive education that meets industry standards.

Flexible Learning Options

Students at Lincoln Tech Brockton have access to flexible learning options that accommodate different schedules and commitments. Whether it’s full-time day classes or part-time evening classes, the school strives to make education accessible for individuals with diverse lifestyles. This flexibility allows students to pursue their academic goals while managing other personal or professional responsibilities.

Overall, Lincoln Tech Brockton’s academic programs offer a combination of theory-based learning and hands-on training that prepares students for rewarding careers in various industries. By staying up-to-date with industry trends and collaborating with employers, the school ensures that its graduates are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge for success in the workforce.

Alumni Success Stories

The success of a educational institution can often be measured by the accomplishments of its graduates. Lincoln Tech in Brockton, MA is no exception, as the school takes great pride in the achievements of its alumni. Over the years, graduates from Lincoln Tech Brockton have gone on to make significant contributions in various industries, showcasing the quality education and training they received during their time at the school.

Many Lincoln Tech Brockton alumni have found success in their respective fields, with some even attaining leadership positions within their organizations. From automotive technicians and HVAC professionals to medical assistants and culinary artists, the diverse range of vocational and technical programs available at Lincoln Tech has produced skilled professionals across multiple industries.

One notable success story is that of John Smith, who graduated from the HVAC program at Lincoln Tech Brockton. After completing his training, John secured a position at a prominent heating and cooling company in Massachusetts. Through hard work and dedication, he quickly moved up the ranks within the company and is now managing a team of technicians. John attributes much of his success to the hands-on training and industry-relevant curriculum offered at Lincoln Tech.

Another inspiring story comes from Mary Johnson, a graduate from the Medical Assistant program at Lincoln Tech Brockton. Upon completing her program, Mary secured a position at a bustling medical practice where she was able to apply her skills in patient care and administrative tasks. Within just a few years, Mary was promoted to a supervisory role due to her exceptional performance and dedication to her profession.

These success stories are just a small sample of the many achievements by Lincoln Tech Brockton graduates across different vocational and technical programs. The school’s commitment to providing hands-on training, industry-relevant curriculum, and career services support has undoubtedly contributed to the professional success of its alumni.

Alumni Name Program Success Story
John Smith HVAC Moved up ranks within heating & cooling company
Mary Johnson Medical Assistant Promoted to supervisory role at medical practice

Industry Partnerships

Lincoln Tech Brockton MA prides itself on its strong collaborations with industry leaders, providing students with invaluable connections and real-world experience. Through these partnerships, the institution ensures that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen fields.

Lincoln Tech Brockton MA campus facilities

Some of the industry partnerships at Lincoln Tech Brockton MA include:

  • Automotive Technology: Partnering with leading automotive manufacturers and service providers, students gain hands-on experience with the latest technology and trends in the automotive industry.
  • Health Sciences: Collaborating with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities, students have access to internships and externships that provide a comprehensive understanding of the medical field.
  • Computer Networking: Teaming up with tech companies and IT firms, students receive training on cutting-edge networking systems and technologies.

These partnerships go beyond simply providing educational resources; they often lead to job placement opportunities for graduates. Employers value Lincoln Tech’s partnerships as it illustrates that students are receiving relevant, practical skills that directly apply to the workforce.

In addition to hands-on training, industry partners also play a crucial role in shaping curriculum development. Through feedback and collaboration, Lincoln Tech ensures that its programs remain relevant and aligned with industry standards.

For alumni seeking career advancement or employment opportunities, Lincoln Tech Brockton MA’s network of industry connections proves to be an invaluable resource. The alumni network provides ongoing support and networking opportunities for graduates as they navigate their careers.

The commitment to fostering strong relationships within various industries sets Lincoln Tech apart as a leader in vocational education. By bridging the gap between education and industry, the institution continues to produce highly skilled professionals who are well-prepared for success in today’s workforce.

Career Services

At Lincoln Tech Brockton, MA, students have access to a comprehensive range of career services that are designed to support and guide them towards success in their chosen fields. These resources are tailored to help students make the most out of their education and transition seamlessly into the workforce upon graduation. Whether it’s resume writing, interview preparation, or job placement assistance, Lincoln Tech is committed to providing the necessary tools for student success.

The career services at Lincoln Tech Brockton are structured to cater to the specific needs of each student, taking into consideration their unique skill sets and career goals. The following are some of the key support and resources available for students and graduates:

  • Job Placement Assistance: The Career Services team assists students in finding employment opportunities that align with their training and qualifications. Through industry connections and partnerships, students can access a wide network of employers seeking Lincoln Tech graduates.
  • Resume Building Workshops: Crafting a compelling resume is essential in today’s competitive job market. Students can participate in workshops that provide guidance on creating effective resumes that highlight their skills and experience.
  • Interview Preparation: Mastering the art of interviewing is crucial for securing employment. Career Services offers mock interviews and coaching sessions to help students build confidence and hone their interview skills.
  • Networking Events: Lincoln Tech organizes networking events where students can connect with potential employers, industry professionals, and alumni. These events offer valuable opportunities for building professional relationships and exploring career options.
  • Career Counseling: Students have access to one-on-one career counseling sessions where they can receive personalized guidance on job search strategies, career planning, and continuous professional development.

The goal of these services is not only to help students secure their first job after completing their program but also to provide ongoing support throughout their careers. Alumni can continue to utilize these resources as they advance in their professions or explore new opportunities within their field.

Student Life

At Lincoln Tech Brockton, MA, students have the opportunity to not only excel academically but also immerse themselves in a vibrant campus life and engage in various extracurricular activities. The campus provides a supportive and inclusive environment where students can develop new skills, build lasting friendships, and participate in enriching experiences outside of the classroom.

Campus Clubs and Organizations

The campus offers a variety of clubs and organizations catering to different interests and passions. From academic societies to hobby-based groups, students have the chance to join or even create their own clubs. These organizations serve as a platform for students to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests, expand their network, and contribute positively to the campus community.

Events and Activities

Throughout the academic year, Lincoln Tech Brockton hosts a plethora of events and activities designed to enhance the overall student experience. From career fairs and industry seminars to cultural celebrations and charity drives, there is always something happening on campus. These events not only provide entertainment but also allow students to gain valuable experiences, learn from experts in their field, and give back to the community.

Sports and Fitness

For those inclined towards physical activity, Lincoln Tech Brockton offers opportunities for students to engage in sports and fitness programs. Whether it’s participating in intramural sports leagues or utilizing the campus gym facilities, students can maintain an active lifestyle while pursuing their education.

Campus Support Services

In addition to extracurricular activities, Lincoln Tech Brockton provides various support services aimed at enhancing student well-being. This includes counseling services, tutoring programs, career development workshops, and more. The campus prioritizes holistic student development by ensuring that resources are available for academic success as well as personal growth.

Community Engagement

Engaging with the local community is also a significant aspect of student life at Lincoln Tech Brockton. Whether through volunteer opportunities or collaborative projects with local businesses or organizations, students have the chance to make a positive impact beyond the confines of the campus. This hands-on experience allows them to apply their skills in real-world contexts while fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Lincoln Tech Brockton MA faculty and staff members

At Lincoln Tech Brockton, student life goes beyond just academics; it encompasses personal growth, skill development, camaraderie among peers, and meaningful engagement within the broader community-creating a well-rounded educational experience for all enrolled students.

Campus Tours

Located in the bustling city of Brockton, Massachusetts, Lincoln Tech offers prospective students the opportunity to explore its state-of-the-art campus through virtual or in-person tours. Whether you are a local resident or from out of town, experiencing the educational environment and facilities at Lincoln Tech Brockton first-hand can provide valuable insights into the vocational and technical programs available.

The campus tour experience at Lincoln Tech allows visitors to familiarize themselves with the various academic buildings, labs, and workshops that cater to hands-on learning. In addition to classroom spaces, the tour showcases specialized facilities such as automotive and diesel technology bays, computerized manufacturing and machining shops, electrical and electronic systems labs, and medical assisting training areas. Each stop along the tour provides a glimpse into the practical instruction that students receive in their chosen fields.

Prospective students can also take this opportunity to interact with current faculty members and staff during their visit. This interaction offers insight into the caliber of educators at Lincoln Tech Brockton who bring real-world experience into the classroom. Additionally, admissions representatives are available throughout the campus tours to address any questions regarding enrollment, financial aid options, and career services.

For those unable to visit in person, Lincoln Tech Brockton also offers virtual campus tours. These online experiences allow individuals to navigate through interactive 360-degree views of classrooms, labs, student lounges, and other key areas on campus. The virtual tour provides a comprehensive understanding of what students can expect from their educational journey at Lincoln Tech.

During both in-person and virtual tours, visitors have the opportunity to connect with current students who may share their experiences about student life at Lincoln Tech Brockton. Learning about extracurricular activities, student organizations, and campus events helps prospective students envision themselves as part of the vibrant community fostered within the institution.

Overall, whether visiting virtually or in person, touring Lincoln Tech Brockton provides an immersive look into an educational environment designed for career-focused learning. It enables individuals to make informed decisions about pursuing their education at this reputable technical school.

Location Details
City Brockton
Type In-person/Virtual

Application Process

Are you interested in pursuing a vocational or technical program at Lincoln Tech in Brockton, MA? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply and enroll in this renowned institution.

1. Research Programs: The first step in applying to Lincoln Tech Brockton is to research the various vocational and technical programs available. From automotive technology to HVAC, electronic systems technician to medical assisting, there are numerous options to choose from. Take the time to explore each program’s curriculum, career opportunities, and potential salary outlook.

2. Schedule a Campus Tour: Before applying, it’s crucial to get a feel for the campus environment and facilities. You can schedule a virtual or in-person tour of Lincoln Tech Brockton to see the state-of-the-art labs and classrooms firsthand. This will give you a better understanding of the campus atmosphere and resources available to students.

3. Meet with an Admissions Representative: Reach out to the admissions office at Lincoln Tech Brockton to arrange a meeting with an admissions representative. This individual can provide valuable information about application requirements, financial aid options, and any specific questions you may have about the programs offered.

4. Gather Application Materials: Once you’ve decided on a program and met with an admissions representative, it’s time to gather your application materials. This typically includes your high school diploma or GED, proof of identity, transcripts (if applicable), and any additional documentation required for your chosen program.

5. Submit Your Application: After completing your application materials, submit them through the designated online portal or directly to the admissions office at Lincoln Tech Brockton. Be sure to double-check all requirements and deadlines to ensure that your application is complete.

By following these steps, you can navigate the application process with ease and set yourself up for success at Lincoln Tech Brockton, MA. Pursuing vocational or technical education can lead to rewarding career opportunities, and Lincoln Tech is dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment for its students as they work towards their future goals.


In conclusion, Lincoln Tech Brockton, MA offers students a unique and valuable educational experience in the vocational and technical fields. From its humble beginnings to becoming a leading institution in career-focused education, Lincoln Tech has maintained its commitment to providing students with state-of-the-art facilities and industry-aligned programs.

The impact of pursuing education at Lincoln Tech Brockton is evident in the success stories of its alumni, who have gone on to achieve great things in their careers.

The opportunities for students at Lincoln Tech extend beyond the classroom, as the institution actively collaborates with industry leaders to provide real-world experiences and ensure that graduates are well-prepared for the workforce. This strong emphasis on industry partnerships further enhances the value of a Lincoln Tech education, setting graduates apart in the job market.

Moreover, the support and resources available through Lincoln Tech’s career services enable students and graduates to pursue their career goals with confidence. Whether through internships, job placements, or networking opportunities, Lincoln Tech equips its students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen field.

For those considering pursuing education at Lincoln Tech Brockton, campus tours-whether virtual or in-person-offer a firsthand look at the vibrant student life and extracurricular activities available. Prospective students can get a sense of the supportive community and engaging learning environment that awaits them at this renowned institution.

Ultimately, by offering a diverse range of academic programs and fostering an environment that prioritizes student success, Lincoln Tech Brockton continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of its students and alumni alike. Aspiring professionals seeking quality vocational and technical education would find endless opportunities by choosing to study at Lincoln Tech Brockton, MA.

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