Lincoln Shifts Gears: Pumps Brakes on EVs, Accelerates Big Tech Pursuit!

Despite showcasing electric concepts in 2022, Lincoln has now stated that it will not commit to an all-electric lineup. Like other automakers in the industry, Lincoln has created a few all-electric concepts in recent years, including the Star SUV, at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show. It’s understandable if you’ve forgotten about it, as the Blue Oval’s premium brand has shifted its focus away from EVs and toward prioritizing technological advancements.

That shift in Lincoln’s strategy follows a reevaluation prompted by a recent slowdown in demand for Ford’s electric lineup. In response, the premium brand has opted to maintain traditional powertrains in its lineup and instead concentrate on integrating high-tech features to enhance the overall appeal of its vehicles.

“(We’re) listening to what customers really need. Navigator customers tend to tow more, so (battery power) doesn’t make as much sense,” Lincoln President Dianne Craig told the Detroit News. “That’s how we think about this transition — whether it’s hybrids, plug-in hybrids, full hybrids, ultimately to EVs down the road — it’s going to be different depending on segmentation.”

That sentiment has become increasingly common among automakers in recent months. Despite the continuous growth of EV sales, they have not met industry expectations, prompting many OEMs to reconsider their electrification commitments. As a result, hybrids and internal combustion vehicles are being reintroduced into the lineup until EV demand regains momentum.

“We’re not going to make any grand declarations specific to where the brand is going with electrification until . . . we really understand what our premium customers want,” said Craig. “The time will come, for sure, but right now we are focused on the wonderful product lineup we have between the Corsair, Nautilus and new Aviator.”

Despite that, the super high-tech features that have defined luxurious EVs in recent years, such as Mercedes’ hyperscreen or the Cadillac Lyriq’s equally wide infotainment system, are also present in the latest Lincoln Nautilus.

Lincoln is also adopting a strategy reminiscent of EV startups in their sales approach. The brand has introduced new “vitrines,” dealer-run boutiques that prioritize creating a luxurious experience over direct vehicle sales. These locations aim to alleviate all pressure from consumers, including any pressure to purchase an EV.

“There is a transition with any technology, including electric vehicles. We’ll eventually come to that tipping point,” said Craig. “But right now (from) everything we are learning from our customers, now is not the right time for us to be making those declarations about EVs.”


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